A tomato is a popular fruit in many parts of the world

It has been used to make a wide range of dishes. The variety of tomato varieties and its availability have made it one of the most popular fruits.

Tomato is a fruit that contains large amounts of vitamin A (beta-carotene) and lycopene, both nutritious compounds.

Tomato enhances the effect of antioxidants by protecting DNA from damage caused by free radicals and also synthesizing antioxidants to help reduce oxidative stress, effectively reducing your risk for developing chronic diseases like cancer and heart disease.

There are a lot of interesting facts about the tomato, like it never puts on flowers or seeds, and it has been around for over three thousand years.

Tomato is the fruit of plants from the nightshade family. It is mostly used as a vegetable because of its many health benefits. There are many varieties of tomatoes but most popular are beefsteak and cherry tomato.

Tomatoes originated in South America, but were introduced to Europe in the 16th century. They are a type of fruit that is red, juicy and edible.

Tomatoes are rich in lycopene and other phytonutrients that have been known to provide health benefits.

Tomato is a term used to describe plants of the genus Solanum. The word tomato is derived from the Spanish word for „tomate” which means „tomate.” There are over sixty varieties of tomatoes around the world, providing about 50% of global food production.

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