Tomatoes are part of a relatively small group of fruits

Tomatoes are widely believed to have originated in South America. In fact, there are still debates on this subject that might never be resolved. There is evidence, however, that tomatoes were grown in Egypt thousands of years ago.

Tomatoes have become an important part of our diet and they now appear in recipes more often than ever before.

Tomato is the fruit of several species of plants of the genus Solanum, which includes a number of wild and domesticated species. The word “tomato” derives from the Italian word for eggplant, pomodoro. Tomatoes are consumed in large quantities as both fresh and processed foods.

Tomatoes have been grown in cultivation for thousands of years. Humans have used them quite possibly since the time of ancient Egypt as both food and medicine.

The tomato is a general term for the fruit of plants of the species Lycopersicon esculentum, ranging from roughly linear to polygonal in shape, which have a „meaty” texture when ripe. It is usually red, orange or yellow in color.

Tomatoes are a popular vegetable and often served raw with salads or as an accompaniment to various dishes such as pizza, pasta sauce, dips and other cold sauces. Tomatoes are also used extensively in cuisines from Italian to Mexican cuisine.

The entry contains an explanation of what the word 'tomato’ means, as well as information about its culinary uses.

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